4 Accessories Every GoPro Professionals Should Have


The point and shoot capabilities and compact design of the GoPro make it ideal to use as far as cameras are concerned. The versatility of this camera cannot be denied, whether it is used in snow, rain, in very sunny surroundings or even underwater. If you wish to make optimal use of the features of this unit, you need to look beyond the standard accessories that come along with this camera. In order to make optimal use of the GoPro, you need to get the 4 following compulsory accessories which are a must-have for professionals in need of maximizing GoPro features.

Jaw Clamp

In case you need only one mount, the Jaw flex clamp is the one that you need to go for. It comes with around 0.6 – 5 cm reach, which makes it more convenient for you to affix the clamp to any kind of surface, even with some other mount. As it has an adjustable neck, it is perfect for people who wish to reduce or add height.

GoPro Belts or Straps

Apart from helmet mount offered with the camera, these are other compulsory accessories for pros. The straps can be utilized for attaching the camera remote control to the wrist or neck and can make it more convenient to capture moments without any issues. For shooting POV videos, adjustable body strap belts and wrist straps are ideal. These straps may also be used to affix the camera to any type of vented helmet in order to make the camera steady while participating in extreme sports or even trekking and mountain climbing.


These are important for pro photographers who like to capture aerial images. Such kinds of copters are designed to be mounted with GoPro, which allow amazing aerial photographs. It is extremely recommendable for sky divers and those who need to add aerial footage and a dash of elegance to their photos or videos. Some also come with Phantom Quadcopter and other in-built GPS equipments to let photographers hang the copter in a static posture in the air to record videos and capture photos.

Dive Housing Case

A dive housing case is ideal for deep-sea divers and professional divers. It is constructed out of waterproof substances which can keep the camera from being damaged while it captures clear photos in deep-sea environment. Due to the waterproof properties, it is able to work up to a distance of 60 m under sea level and allow divers to get crisp images.