Best Drones for Beginners and Pros – Which Ones Should You Buy?


Whether you are a beginner who is short on cash or a professional cameraman with a bigger budget, you will find a drone according to your tastes. Take a look at some of the best drones that are available in the market today.

DJI Phantom 2 V2

It is an ideal drone that comes under 1,000 pounds in cost. As compared to cheaper drones, it does not offer a toy-like flying experience. It is 1 kg in total weight and can fly for up to 25 minutes. For amateurs, it is ideal to use. The drone consists of a stable gimbal that is able to make moving photos free of any vibration. With additional accessories, you can also stream videos wirelessly to the ground.

There is GPS integrated into the device and you may use an iPad in order to program the path of flight. You can watch the device fly unmanned whereas your only job is to shoot the video. Its kit consists of all that you need in order to begin flying, and includes batteries and controller apart from the drone. However, in order to buy a GoPro camera, you will require some additional money.

Parrot Rolling Spider

It is one of the best drones designed for beginners. It is compact in shape and can be maneuvered with the help of a basic smartphone application which makes it easier to fly. You can use it even in indoor settings. The device consists of large wheels which are removable, and can prevent the propellers from crashing or bumping against objects or people, resulting in unnecessary wastage of money.

There is an inferior quality 0.3 MP in-built camera in this drone, which lets you take images upwards directly. You can take selfies or aerial shots from 20 meter upwards. For beginners, this is an ideal stocking filler. The batteries can provide you with a total flight time spanning 8 minutes. With the wheels affixed, you can get 6 minutes. After recharging it for 1 ½ hours, you can get it back up again for use.

3D Robotics 3DR IRIS

It is ideal for those looking for some action. This is just the drone you need if you wish to purchase a drone for capturing footage while sailing, biking or climbing. The auto-pilot feature known as “Follow Me” is an amazing feature. You can use any Android device enabled with GPS in order to make your drone follow the signal and make the camera focus on you.

DJI Spreading Wings S1000

It is a powerful drone which is ideal for professional use. Its take-off weight is up to 11 kilos. On its gimbal, you can mount a full DSLR camera. You can have the field of view free of obstructions with the optional retracting landing gear. Its 15,000mAh battery allows it to fly for 15 minutes in total.