Best Quadcopter with Camera


With the costs of quadcopter cameras going down and an improvement in the technology, both beginners and professionals have begun to love them. A quadcopter camera is what you should buy in case you are looking for images and videos with bird’s eye detail. It can be quite a challenge to maneuver a quadcopter and people need to spend some time in learning it. However, the experience of flying these copters and the amazing angles that they offer make them very enjoyable to fly. Quadcopter cameras are able to record high quality videos or shoot still photos or do both. If you are in search of the best quadcopter camera, the following options are worth considering.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

This copter is available with a higher price tag, which is justified due to the fact that it boasts of many arresting features of professional quality. The 3-axis camera stabilization system of the copter is extremely precise and ensures smooth footages from up in the air. Its camera is able to shoot still images in 14MP and capture videos in 720p and 1080p quality.

The GPS autopilot system of the drone allows position holding, stable hovering and altitude lock. In case the drone goes out of the remote control’s range, it can fly back automatically to the location where it has taken off from. The flight radar displays flight telemetry and present location of the drone. Due to the album synchronization feature, users can stream videos and photos from the camera with Wi-Fi to their compatible smartphone. This type of copter has a “no fly zone” option which can prevent flying of the vehicle accidentally into accidental zones.

Parrot Bebop Drone

It has zoomed to somewhere at the top of the list of highly popular quadcopters. It is integrated with a web-based computer and an onboard GPS system. There is also a “Return Home” feature which can get it back to its original position. The drone is able to create a Wi-Fi hotspot of its own. It is light in weight and can be transported easily.

The fisheye HD camera can record videos in 1080p resolution and shoot 14MP still images. Its lens is dust and splash proof. The emergency mode feature can help users to land instantly and the presence of auto-stop propellers is useful in case of an accident. There is a standalone Skycontroller remote control which can be used to maneuver the drone. By using the Freeflight piloting application, the quadcopter can be operated and its camera angle can be set easily.

Husban X4 Quadcopter

It has an amazing camera on board which can record videos in 640 X 480 p quality and send it to the on-board 4-inch LCD display of the transmitter. There is a maximum FPV (First Person View) video range of 100 m. The recorded video files can be stored onto a microSD card. The copter is light in weight and perfect for use in outdoor as well as indoor settings. There is a more stable flight control system with 6 axes and adjustable gyro sensitivity. For its moderate price tag, this camera-fitted quadcopter copter packs in some neat features.


The maximum controlling distance of the drone is 30 meters. Its 6–axis gyro sensitivity allows it to fly to the front, back, right, left, up and down. It is also capable of doing 360 ° flips. There is a 4-channel RC transmitter with an LCD screen. It takes around 120 minutes to be charged completely, and offers a total flight time ranging between 6 and 9 minutes. When it comes to quadcopters equipped with a camera, this copter comes with a more affordable cost. Expert flyers will love it due to the fact that the device is capable of performing complex tricks up in the sky. Even beginners will find this drone to be perfect to move on to when they wish to hone their flying skills.

Dromida Ominus FPV

With 3 accelerometers and 3-axis gyro stabilization, the drone allows more impeccable handling. It has a FPV digital camera on-board which records footage in 1280x720p quality in a range of up to 328 ft. All the videos and photos can be transferred by this Wi-Fi quadcopter to a smartphone or a memory card. It consists of multi-colored ED lights of high intensity which can allow more convenient night and day time tracking. Its dual-channel radio has 4 flight modes and dual rates. There are lots of popular features which can be availed here at a moderate expense.

The evolution of drone technology is allowing manufacturers to come up with bigger and better quadcopters. With amazing camera and lots of excellent features, quadcopters are being regarded as perfect for hobbyists as well as expert flyers. You need to choose one that is appropriate for your skill level.