Best RC Helicopters to Buy – Top 5


Every day, remote controlled drones or RC helicopters are getting more and more popular and you will probably find many of these being gifted during this Christmas. The entertainment value as well as flight time tends to vary. However, the quality and the level of difficulty tend to vary hugely. An advanced drone needs users to spend many hours to pick up the simple maneuvers whereas an inferior quality copter can spoil the flying experience rather than making it enjoyable. Fortunately, there is an RC helicopter for any type of taste. The top 5 RC copters offer anywhere from simple to advanced experienced flight experience. These come with unique designs, varied entertainment features and cool appearance. The question is – which one should you opt for? Read on and decide for yourself.

Blade Nano QX RTF

This is an RC quadcopter which has stormed the market with its enhanced stability due to 4 blades instead of only 2. It can hover in a smooth manner and lets users fix small cameras to it. This quadcopter is compact in size and perfect for beginners who wish to try various maneuvers up in the sky. It has a weight of just ½ ounce and is not robust enough to transport things. However, it can be operated through tight spaces and even in light winds very easily. Even if you have never used this type of device ever before, you can learn how to maneuver it fast due to the SAFE technology which can stabilize the flight of the copter and make it speedier and more nimble. This new software technology can be found in many advanced copters today, and can make helicopters stable.

Thunder Tiger Raptor 9

This copter is designed to be used only by experienced pilots. If you have already practiced with toy copters and wish to move on to the real thing, this nitro-fueled unit is what you should get. It is able to perform complicated tricks and you can fly it upside down, sideways and nearly in any way that you like. Its thicker blades consist of a frame made of carbon fiber, a strong main shaft and a reinforced main bearing block. You can perform the unit in three-dimensional ways.

Syma Chinook Helicopter

The copter can attract experienced as well as beginner flyers. It boasts of an innovative and practical design, which is similar to a real helicopter consisting of 4 vertical blades. New flyers of any age group can learn easily how the drone can be flown. The drone offers a varied type of flight experience other than standard toy copters and quadcopters. There is also an auto stability system which can make the copter stable in flight. A lightweight lithium polymer battery offers a lot of charge without getting too weighty. As it is affordable in cost, it can be purchased by anyone who likes to enjoy flying a RC quadcopter.

AeroSky RC Quadcopter

This is a quadcopter of an advanced quality, and boasts of a glass fiber and composite build. It is light in weight and consists of 4 920kv brushless motors. Its legs have LED lights and are color coded, which helps pilots to distinguish the orientation much better. There is an 11 V battery which can provide the drone with a lot of power. It is programmed with 3 axis modes and a flight setting with X pattern. As this is a strong and sturdy drone, it can also hold a small camera or even a phone. It is greater than average in cost and can mostly attract expert fliers with enough experience in flying advanced remote controlled helicopters.

Blade 130 X BNF

It offers enhanced flight control due to a 3-axis MEMS sensor and AS3X artificial stabilization. The drone also has its own version in Phoenix flight simulator. Due to its advanced abilities, users can get a lot pleasure in flying the drone without any worries about a nitro or gas-powered engine. As compared to the majority of standard copters, it has greater capability in performing 3D tricks. It is more appealing to flyers with an intermediate level of experience and the need to fly a standard helicopter.