Blade Nano QX BNF QuadCopter Review – Features, Pros and Cons


If you wish to get a handheld UAV, the nearest you can get in the next couple of years will probably be the Blade Nano QX BNF Quadcopter. It is an amazing peace of artwork and is lightweight as well as compact in size. You can hold it well even in one hand. The copter is small and sleek in size, and you can fly it safely around the home. Even in very small rooms, it can fly well.


This RC quadcopter stands out most due to its amazingly compact shape. Many of these drones tend to be extremely slow and it can be quite tough to fly them off the ground – especially in hostile weather conditions. Although small in size, it is strong enough to withstand untoward weather conditions.

The copter comes with the proprietary SAFETM technology which makes it more agile and stable. It can improve the skills of AV flyers and make sure that they are able to get fast response while doing aerial tricks.


The Blade Nano QX BNF Quadcopter operates noiselessly. Even when the blades are spinning very fast, it does not produce noise. You can use the gadget to sneak on what your friends are doing, which is one of the many added perks in using it. This also helps you to avoid complaints from neighbors and people in your locality.

The copter runs on lithium ion batteries, which are lighter in weight as compared to NiCad, which can save much energy. The batteries can also be charged more quickly. These are also able to retain their charge longer and can offer more style when it comes to capacity.

One of the biggest advantages of the device is undoubtedly the fact that its remote consists of a button that reads “return to sender”. You can press on the button at any time and get the copter fly back to you in a matter of a few seconds, no matter where you are. This is very useful for those times when you cannot see your drone any longer and would like to have it back in your hands.


A few consumers have complained that the RF signal transmitted from the remote control module is weak in strength, and cannot support higher climbs into the sky or long-range flights. But this is unlikely to be an issue for you, considering the fact that this RC Quadcopter comes with an over-200 meter range. You will possibly require a more powerful drone of larger size if you wish to go farther and higher.

But flying this copter can be difficult for you, especially if you lack the experience of flying drones or UAVs.


All points considered, the Blade Nano QX BNF Quadcopter is a perfect drone that is compact in size, is fun to fly and helps you to perform aerial tricks and maneuvers with amazing ease. The fact that it comes with a lower price tag makes it even better to try.