Buying Your First Ever Drone – 5 Options to Choose From


Small drones are a joy to fly! You can use them to cruise across rooftops and above streets, where many bigger drones cannot be seen. These Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) draw power from built-in battery and can be mounted with cameras in order to record images and videos from bird’s eye points of view. These aerial vehicles can be maneuvered with the help of handheld controls. Amateur fliers can maneuver their rotor-fitted drones almost in any place. This has made UAS-flying perfect for hobbyists and the laws regulating their use are also evolving.

The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed various rules regarding the ownership and flight of drones in the airspace of the United States. One has to be at least 17 years of age to be able to fly, and also pass an aeronautical test in order to get an FAA license. Copters that are 55 pounds or more in weight need aircraft markings along with an airworthiness certificate. These can be operated at up to 100 mph speeds, fly less than 500 ft and be maneuvered during only daytime. With that said, there are lots of readily flyable Unmanned Aerial Systems in the market with kits that can easily be assembled for making lightweight drones with decent speed for flying in the wee hours of the morning or even during the afternoons.

Blade Nano QX

It is 5.5 inches in width and is very small in size, so as to be unable to have a camera. But its small size makes it easily able to rise. The copter has been designed to be used indoors and offers two varied flight modes that can accommodate the experience of a flyer in maneuvering drones.

In the first mode, the drone is stable at all times. It helps users to keep the copter straight always.

The second one is an agility mode which adds more power to flights, and allows users to perform amazing tricks and stunts. There is SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology in both modes, programmed beforehand in the copter to let you fly easily.

Estes 4606 Proto X Nano

For those looking for a sleek, value for money UAS of small size, this small-sized drone can be the right choice. It can fit in the palm and float about the home or office easily. It has a 1.8” landing and the quadcopter consisting of 4 rotors is integrated with a battery which can hold charge for about 6 minutes. The Estes has been designed for personal usage, and is incapable of transporting objects. However, it is a terrific way to learn the basics of flying, functions and various movements of drones.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

This device gives you the best of both – the easy operations of smaller drones and the camera quality of bigger ones. The high quality camera of the Parrot can shoot high quality still images as well as videos in 720p resolution. The controller interface of the drone makes use of an app that can be downloaded onto tablets or smartphones integrated with iOS or Android. You can regulate the drone with a Wi-Fi connection by tilting your tablet or smartphone, and use the front-facing camera to view live feed. You can implement a maximum vertical ceiling with user settings and also a hover mode at controlled level for shooting still images and videos in stable quality. The drone can fly about for 36 minutes and a maximum of 165 feet away from the Wi-Fi enabled device with the help of dual HD batteries.


It is integrated with a 2-million MP camera which shoots images and videos in superior quality. The 6-axis gyro of the device lets you raise the quadcopter from your palm. On a single charge, it can allow 7 minute of total flight time. Its 2GB memory card can hold about 800 still images and 30 minutes of video. The device has a 150-feet flight range.

DJI Phantom 2

The Phantom is the perfect aerial vehicle for you if you need a UAS which can rise higher than skyscrapers. The vehicle can rise up to 1,960 feet, which makes it the highest as well as one of the most acclaimed flyers today. On a single charge, the battery can offer a maximum flight time of 25 minutes. The Phantom 2 is fitted with a HD, 14MP camera which can shoot HD videos in 1080p resolution.

Its remote control consists of a trainer port which allows you to plug it to a computer and practice flights with the help of simulation applications. You can mount your phone on its remote and watch live flights through a built-in camera via an application. The built-in anti-static compass, which is sheathed in a shell, can help you to fly in a proper direction after take-offs each time.