EI-HI S911C Review


Ei-Hi is the owner of the company which is already a big name in the drone market because of its latest drone. Through costumers’ feedbacks, redesigning and remapping of the product, they were able to create the perfect drone fit for any person who wants to experience flying drones without dealing common complications of drones.

Improved resistance to the wind

The latest Eli-Hi S911c has an expanded size and altered shape for a better performance against strong winds. To customers who experienced utilizing smaller drones, they get the idea that controlling it with the wind is nearly impossible. However, for this certain drone, it has been designed for this particular purpose. Overall, it will be an effortless, pleasant and fun drone experience. You can move on to dazzling your friends with your controlling skills.

Improved resistance to dropping

The next alteration for this quadcopter is the better drop resistance. Basically, even it took a lot of hits, it can still fly smoothly. For experienced flyers, this is also a very important feature. For newbies, obviously, it is a must for your own drone to have this.

EI-HI S911C Review

Controlling your drone should provide fun and insurance. With this Ei-Hi, you can give the control to another person with the drone in midair.

Extended flying extent

With the latest 2.4 ghz and 6.5 channel RC radio, the airborne distance of this certain drone has been increased. This won’t be likely necessary for new flyers. However, for those who like challenges and who wants to extend the limits of their personal drones, you can control this drone up to 300 ft from you and the controller. This is as big as two football fields. However, there also more high-end drones than can go further than 300. However, 300 ft is enough for your first ever try to controlling drones.

Battery capacity

This is bad news for the Ei-Hi since it only as 3.7 v 500 mAh battery life. However, this is still better than most of the other drones. But this belongs to a category of drones with high-end features so this should be as good as the rest. With this battery life, it will only provide an experience for a few minutes. Surely, this isn’t enough especially for newbies who are still figuring it out.

Your 1st means of solving this problem might be purchasing a lot of batteries that you can change for ever thirty seconds when it runs out of life. If you are planning to purchase your very own drone, you have to make sure that you are getting the most out of what you paid. For flyers like me, greater power is equivalent to longer excitement.

But this can be easily solved! I just found out that the Turnigy 100mAh battery is compatible with the Ei-Hi drone. Do you what this mean? You can have as twice as much flying time with the original battery. I personally recommend to keep at least 3 batteries for your drone. It might be too much but you will see how this is really important.

Flying, Overall Performance and Amusement

Controlling the latest Ei-Hi S911c drone is not just effortless but is also an entertaining experience. With this drone, you will be able to undergo actual drone flying experience and learn methods of navigating the drone in your own personal space. Out of the whole drone experience, the most amusing part is educating yourself by testing it. Personally, I’ve experience a number of drones and the best ones that really put a smile on my face are those you can fly a long time. This is what the Ei-Hi has, a gyro stabilization.

This will hep the drone keep a flat position. Your 1st few flights with your new drone will most likely learning and getting used to the controlling of the drone’s direction. But in just a few minutes, you will be able to control it to fly in forward, backward, left and right directions. And if you already get the idea out of it, you will be able to hover it around things or obstacles. With few experience, you can already shoot amazing videos or photos using drones with built-in HD cameras.

It is also possible to create an obstacle course. In my own experience, if you get to enjoy flying with your drone, you won’t be able to stop anymore. Therefore, if you’ve been trying to find the best drone online, offline and everywhere else, I’ll surely recommend this Ei-Hi S911C.