Flight Simulators Tips


To realistically simulate RC helicopter flight, you need a professional flight simulator. This is the most important tool that will allow you to master RC Heli flight.

Attempting simulated RC helicopter flight using a keyboard is a waste & pointless. You must develop your fingers muscle memory & proper eye to hand coordination to even think practicing RC Heli flight.

The critical thing to remember when it comes to RC flight is: practice, practice & more practice. Keep on repeating the same flight patterns over and over until they become second nature without any thought process involved. If you need time to think than you’re not ready & will crash with a real RC Heli.

Set your simulator’s wind conditions to match you most frequent weather conditions. It will prepare you for the real world. If you fail to do so, a real wind gust will take you down.

A head on wind gust will make your Heli gain in altitude without collective input. A wind gust from the back will make your helicopter suddenly drop altitude.

Keep your reflexes sharp by RC simulator training every day for at least half an hour, even if you will be flying that day. Practice the moves you’ll be flying later on before taking out your Heli.

When shopping for a proper simulator look for the following criteria:

  • It has to use a RC Heli type remote
  • It must include the model(s) you intend to fly
  • It shall provide software updates to add new models & features
  • It allows you to configure your model properties
  • It lets you configure certain transmitter parameters Weather patterns have to be configurable (winds, gusts, etc…)
  • Different flying fields must be offered A cockpit view will help when FPV (First Person View) flying will be considered