How to Choose Your First Aerial Drone – A Handy Guide for Buyers


The year 2015 will forever be recognized as the year when drones actually began to enter the mainstream market. The user-friendly quadcopters, designed for hobbyists, and not the military-type drones began to be sold and you have possibly already found quite a few hovering above open spaces, parks and beaches already. These are the most low-cost, top of the line aerial vehicles that can easily be availed. Companies such as Syma, Parrot, DJI and 3DRobotics have come with a wide range of quadcopters that are simple, buyer friendly and capable of shooting amazing images and videos. If you wish to buy a new drone, but find it challenging to decide on which drone to purchase, here are some recommended ones.

Beginner Adult Flyers

Although drones might seem like harmless aerial vehicles, anything that moves fast and consists of spinning sharp blades can be harmful. You will need a strong but cheap drone with blade guards which can protect people, pets and walls from flights gone wrong.

The Rolling Spider from Parrot can be flown indoors with ease. This is a small vehicle with large removable wheels made of plastic. These serve two important functions when set up, to Protect as well as to Roll the copter. Due to its wheels, you can even drive the drone like a car along ceilings, up walls and across floors.


The Syma X5C offers a more traditional remote control experience and is available with a two-stick controller. This fast, big and strong vehicle can give you a better range. It has vibrant LED lights facing downwards that allow you to track the drone from beneath. It is also available with a high definition camera capable of recording videos. It can be purchased from various hobby stores and Amazon.

For first-timer flyers, the Syma X5C is perfect. It has an interesting design, many features and a cheap price tag. You should also take a look at the Hubsan X4 H107 series, which is available with a lot of maneuverability and speed in its palm-sized yet robust shells made of plastic. The H107C HD, which is more top end in quality, comes with a front-facing, high definition camera.

The Bedop from Parrot is colorful and slightly more advanced. It comes with a fisheye camera with a 180 ° angle of view and automatic flight-stabilization. Its built-in GPS can guide this drone back to the owner if it gets out of sight or range. It can fly for around 12 minutes on just one-time battery charge, other than the standard 7 to 8 minutes. The original AR Drone from the same manufacturer actually started the craze for quadcopters and the Bedop, which is a 3rd generation offering, shows that the manufacturer knows how to make drones fun to fly.

For Hobbyists

The DJI quadcopters can be the perfect choice for you, if you wish to check out your own neighborhood from 100 feet high. You will find many of the Phantom series of drones from the manufacturer in lots of videos on YouTube. If there is one drone that can be singled out as the most popular quadcopter of 2014, the DJI Phantom will be the one.

The newest model from DJI, the Phantom 2 Vision+, comes with the same casual and user-friendly white appearance just like the first Phantom FC40. However, it comes with a battery that can offer up to 25 minutes of flight times. It also consists of a GoPro-like camera which is stabilized with gimbals and can be regulated with a remote. It boasts of back to home GPS features, and you can use the tablet to actually set its flight plan.

For Filmmakers

The evolution of technology is allowing drones to do some serious lifting as well as perform amazing tricks on the sky. The IRIS+ from 3DRobotics is the first ever drone from the manufacturer geared for consumers which can follow any target who is carrying a smartphone that is paired with it. If you wish to follow your location from above stealthily and record footages for spy activities, this is just the drone that you should go for. It consists of a high quality camera stabilized with gimbals and can offer a maximum flight time spanning 22 minutes.