Hubsan X4 H107C Review


Let’s introduce this small RC bugger for newbie flyers. This drone can provide a speedy flying experience and chance to take high quality videos and photos.

The camera that is specifically called as the micro quad can be located under the drone. This micro quad only weighs a total of 50 grams. But despite of its lightweight, it is still a little heavier than other competing products as small as the palm of your hand. Inside the box, accessories will be included such as the battery, USB cable, extra rotors, manual and the transmitter.

Added to these, you will need to buy a micro SD to store your capture videos and 4 AAA batteries for the transmitter to work. With our own inspection, we discovered that the rotors of this particular drone is frangible and handling it with care is recommended. This is why this drone has rotors together in the box. Despite of this, we don’t want to use it right after few flights. It can also be protected from bumps using the blade protector. It is in the box but is difficult to be found since it is at the bottom of the packaging.

Before everything else, the manual doesn’t have the best instructions for the drone. You can solve this use by looking for significant tutorials at before practicing flying this drone.

Hubsan X4 H107C Review

Flight Capacity

With the charged batteries, this drone is ready to fly. With the latest built-in 6-axis gyroscope, controlling this product against windy conditions will be stabilized and leveled. Overall, the flight performance against windy circumstances will give you the best fulfillment because of its total weight.

The utilization of the drone’s transmitter is uncomplicated. It can be transitioned between standard and expert mode. For the expert mode, flips can be done in multiple directions. However, you can deactivate this as well.


Flying capacity? Check. Fun? Yes. But how about the video recording of this product? Before being able to record and store videos, you will need to purchase a Micro SD card separately. TO start recording from the device, you can push the button found in the drone. Note: You can’t activate or deactivate the recording mode of the camera using the controller.

While hovering above, it will be recording a clear 720p or 1280 x 720 resolution. This will be able to transmit clear and live recording. This is an impressing feature. Because of its improved flying capacity, it will be able to record solid videos. However, this can only be ensured if you record it in good weather conditions. But a little wind won’t be really harmful.

Added to those things mentioned above, the camera transitions itself to light changes with just a snap. Outside, it will give you a clear shot of your own neighborhood. Even indoors, it will reflect the bright colors of your living room. During the night, it might get scary and there may be a possibility that your drone will hit something if you get shocked.

However, costumers have been complaining issues with the built-in camera. There are a few times were it will not shoot anything and you might have the conclusion that it is not usable anymore. Don’t worry, this can be easily fixed by visiting this forum thread.

Hubsan X4 H107C Review

Overall Review

We really like the X4H107C and any new drone flyers will say the same thing. This drone is best for its speed, well-balanced flight, heavy weight, high definition quality and the affordable price. But just like any other product, there are also setbacks to this drone which includes the battery life. You will need to purchase more batteries for long-lasting fun. Another one is the button for the transmitter suddenly not working. The blade protector might be included with the drone. However, it is difficult to locate since it is at the bottom of the package. Last but not the least, some camera issues which can be fixed through the forums. Forums will be filled with information and complains straight hand from the costumers. This will educate you with the latest drones in town and how to utilize most of it.

If you want to present spectacular gymnastic features maybe outside your porch, capture amazing aerial photos or videos of your own backyard or neighborhood, virtually say high to bystanders, check on your backyard, look for scary ghosts, play as a pilot or just to jump scare your pets inside your house, this is the incomparable way to begin a new hobby of flying drones. You will surely ask for more and therefore, we will be giving more reviews for you.