Tips to Get the Most Amazing Aerial Videos


Aerial Video shot has become a new and popular trend in photography, with images at low altitude being taken with the help of remote-controlled, lightweight helicopter drones. The technology ensures amazing shots from the air which can be utilized in various types of videos belonging to different genres, whether in action-sports videos, real estate videos or even in movies. Aerial filming also used for many other purposes, also these industries began the trend of using aerial videos. According to Transparency Market Research, the market for aerial photography is anticipated to reach 1993.3 million USD by year 2019, with the U.S market generating most income. Natural resource management, real estate and construction are expected to be some of the sectors generating the maximum demand for them. Higher demand is also anticipated from insurance and urban planning domains. While filming aerial photos and videos, there are numerous factors to take into account. Following are a few tips for successful production of aerial videos.

Tips to Get the Most Amazing Aerial Videos


Safety should be one of your prime considerations. Keep in mind that you need to stay beneath 400 feet height and be within the UAS’s line of sight. You cannot fly over a crowded spot or within 5 miles of airports. At present, laws regarding small drones are ambiguous. These are classified by laws as “Model Aircraft”, and these vehicles fall under laws regulating hobby aircrafts or model aircrafts.


Weather is another essential factor to consider. It is recommended that you film your shots on days when the wind speed is lower than 10 miles and the weather conditions are perfect in the morning hours. Many aerial videos are shaky in quality, possibly due to abrupt gusts of winds shaking the drones. Naturally, you need to capture images and videos at those times when there is minimal wind.

Drone Type

The type of drone or Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) to use is another vital factor. Quadcopters happen to be the most affordable aerial vehicles. These are light in weight and small in size, although they do not have stabilization controls such as a gimbal. “Gimbal” refers to a support system which can regulate the camera of a drone on a roll and pitch axes. It can also recompense the motion of the drone. Gimbals of better quality can also zoom and even tilt the drone camera. A well-adjusted gimbal stands as the right choice for capturing accurate videos. With a hexacopter, the weight and additional propeller offers greater stability than a quadcopter.

Camera type

It is also important to choose the most lightweight camera, in order to get the results that you want. The majority of hexacopters are able to fly with a DSLR only for 8 to 10 minutes, given that the battery power is limited. You can get 20 – 25 minutes of flight time in case you use a Go-Pro. The type of camera to choose rests on your ultimate usage. You should look for a canon 5D series or a lightweight DSLR similar to the GH-3 in case you are looking for pretty superior shots. Go-Pro cameras have an amazing appearance, but the image quality is not the same as a DSLR. It is recommended for you to have a number of additional battery packs in your kit, particularly if you would like to film throughout the day.

Monitor System

An efficient monitor system is a must if you need to see the images and videos that your drone is filming. When it comes to the world of UAS, the term FPV refers to First Person View. It is a good idea to have an aerial video system comprising of dual monitors – one monitor for each RC. You should ideally have dual drone operators, one to steer the drone and another to use the other RC to fine tune the pan and tilt functions of the camera.

Ease of Use

Finally, you should look for a copter that is extremely fun to fly and capture cinematic videos and photos. With the right drone, you can get excellent aerial footage and experiment with varied tricks as well as have a lot of fun with your practice. As lighter and more stable drones come out, you will be able to get more amazing footage.