Use your in car camera to record potential hazards


In car cameras are becoming more popular and reverse camera systems are coming out as a feature draw card for modern vehicles. It’s not just about the visibility when reversing, it’s also about installing other systems and being able to use your in car camera to record potential hazards. With the advent of camera phones with video and social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, is there ever going to be privacy again.

Events can be recorded and uploaded in a matter of seconds, and while this may seem like a gross invasion of privacy, this can also be used to our advantage. Regardless of how intrusive social media can be, there will always be those times when no one is around or things are happening just out of view. Business places and public areas are increasingly being fitted out with CCTV and this has delivered many an offender into the hands of the authorities.

In car cameras can be used in much the same way. Damage to vehicles, theft, events happening in the general vicinity of the car could be recorded and used as proof. However, people are now realising the effectiveness of these in car cameras to record as we travel and record events, number plates of passing cars, street signs and recorded time. This opens up the playing field in proof of what has happened in an accident.

It takes away the word against word and the possibility of each person remembering events as they affected them at the time. Memory can be an individual things and people will remember the same details differently. So it can often be a slog to apportion blame and decide who is in the wrong and who has to pay up. Use your in car camera to record potential hazards as you travel and even if you never have a personal incident, you may be in the right place at the right time for a friend or loved one, or even a grateful stranger.