Walkera TALI H500 FPV Hexacopter Review


This review is about the Walkera Tali H500 with a total of 6 propellers. So here we go.

Inside the box, you will be able to find:

  • iLook+ 1080p quality camera
  • 3-axis G-3D for camera mounting
  • 5 400 mAh Lithium Polymer or Lipo battery
  • Battery charger
  • DEVO F12e transmitter

This drone is commonly called as hexacopter because of its unique number of propellers. We should start with its design. The smooth design of the external part of the drone covers every cable in the internal of the gadget. This is unlike other drones where you can see battery cables poking through to their outer parts. One very common visible cable are the battery wires. Another good thing about this is you can carry it easily. This can proven by how easy it is to connect and remove the drone’s legs. The bad news is that it is a little bit fragile.

With the 25 minute maximum flying time of the Walkera Tali H500, you will be able to enjoy flying the drone into a farther distance and shoot amazing video footages at the same time. If your battery is in its last life, you will be warned by your controller to give you time to land it safely and store it.

Flying Capabilities

Because of the six attached propellers, it is needless to say that this product could reach great balance and agility. It can run up to 1 km or 0.62 miles. This is greater than most ordinary drones we experimented.

Added to that, it can accommodate 12 different channels including a complete First Person View or FPV. It also has the best control on each part of your flying experience. This will provide easy control over your flight with the live-streaming video. The video will automatically be showing at a big PCD screen that is connected to the transmitter beside the flight info which includes the battery life, room temperature, GPS date, altitude, distance from the controller and many more.

The most agreeable way of flying the drone is when you switch it to a GPS position-hold mode. This will halt the movement of the drone to its position when you remove your hands from the controls. This is very accommodating and easy-to-use hexa.

Furthermore, it has the capability to go back home and land securely with just pushing a button if you can’t find it anymore. It can fly on its own has amazing path-finding abilities which are superiorly modernized. But despite of that, it has a default altitude of 15 meters during auto pilot mode. Therefore, it will not be able to avoid objects of the same distance along the way. But don’t worry, you can always change it to a higher altitude.

Last but not the least with the flying capability of this drone is the ability of it to circle a GPS waypoint you personally define.

Video Capabilities

The iLook+ HD camera built into this drone can capture images up to 13 megapixels and shows 1080p videos running at 30 fps. You can see that is it is connected to the body of the drone by a strong and balanced gimbal. This will allow a sleek 3-axis movement and compatibility with both iLook and GoPro cameras. The gimbal is replaceable, you can purchase this separately.

For more choices of camera, you can replace the gimbal with the TALI that could accommodate brands like GoPro, Sony Rx1000 and Canon EOS-M.

Overall Review

This is a very amazing technology that surpasses the purpose of just making this a hobby. Basically, it is recommended for professional use. This is great for business presentations or architectural outlines. Among all the models we reviewed on this article, this is the most profound one.

However, this is if you have the money.

Overall advantages:

  • Extremely comfortable managing
  • LCD screen connected to the transmitter
  • Provides live-streaming video and necessary flight data
  • Excellent built-in camera
  • Gimble with great quality
  • Substitutable accessories
  • Amazing Design


  • Time needed to install on the GPS
  • Manual has less information for the drone. You will have to depend on tutorials available online