Where to Buy a Drone?


It seems everybody wants to get a drone these days. The only thing coming between a prospective owner and his wish fulfillment is the fact that these are quite expensive to buy, at least some of them. These are still early days for the drone, and the technology is new with few companies actually into the production of these remote controlled aerial vehicles for commercial usage. Naturally, the price tag is still on the higher side. But if you cannot wait until the prices come down, here are some sources that you can consider buying drones from – and at lower costs.


The search engine is undoubtedly a great place to buy from. You can make a simple search and come across hundreds of models with varied features and with different price tags. There is the option to view the drones from different angles, and check the specifications of each model that you find. This will help you to choose the models that come with lower price tags and with affordable shipping expenses.


The popular online shopping store is an excellent source to look into. You can choose drones by type, category, price tag and various other parameters. There is detailed information about each model on the website, along with product specs from manufacturers and reviews from actual consumers. You can find the models according to your interests and make an informed purchase decision after going through the reviews posted by customers.


When it comes to online marketplaces, mention must also be made of eBay. Other than being able to buy brand new drones from manufacturers, you can also get used drones at lower prices. Many people offer drones for sale after using them for only a month or two for some specific purpose, and you can get the opportunity to make great savings with attractive deals. With brand new offerings, however, you need to check whether the seller is a reputed one. Buy from Hubsan, Walkera, DJI and other established names and not imitations.

Hobby King

It happens to be one of the largest stores to buy from, quite similar to Walmart. You can get a large variety of drone options, considering the fact that the store offers thousands of items for sale. Other than drone models, you can also get parts or accessories for drones – some of which have excellent quality. It is important to go through reviews beneath the offerings in order to determine whether or not a specific model and its accessories are good enough to purchase.


Classified websites and forums are also great sources to buy from, although you have to be careful about the seller and whether or not he is trusted by other buyers. You can also check the RCGroups.com Classifieds section, which is similar to craigslist and other classified websites when it comes to RC (radio controlled) products. Most of the sellers are good enough to purchase from. You can get fantastic deals and get to save a lot of money on drone purchases.